“Context. Without it, every decision that confronts us, every situation we encounter… calls for unnecessary anxiety, stressful uncertainly and unproductive conflict. This makes our lives much more challenging than it needs to be.” – Patrick Lencioni

I try my best every day to give some sort of context to everything that is in front of me. It keeps me focused, helps me push that little bit harder. 

Its much easier to reach that goal and do the hard, meaningful work when you know why you are making the sacrifice. 



Context, you need it… whether you know it or not. 


I’ve been in the business world for a over a decade now, working in and with organizations that are do not truly understand what motivates my generation to do its best work. We are a generation that consists of people attempting to find purpose and success in this industrialized world created by our parents and theirs before them. A world set up to push us all towards the defined “safe bet”: do well in school, go to college, get a degree and hope we get picked over the other 100 people with the exact same credentials and experience. This system is broken and I believe there is a better way to mesh the passion and sense of fulfillment my generation longs for, with organizations in dire need of fresh ideas, flexibility and stability in their workforce. There is a large and undefined chasm between what is expected of us and what we expect when we enter your organization, and it has not sufficiently been addressed.

We have grown up watching our parents grind out their careers, day after day, year after year. They taught us that consistency is what will pay off, that one day if we do everything as instructed, that we’ll get picked by that company or for that promotion. So thats what we’ve done, we finished school and applied for a job. Eventually we got picked, but it didn’t feel like we got picked because we could do a better job than our peers. It felt like a crap-shoot, so we tried to convince ourselves that maybe we interviewed well. Or maybe our resume triggered the word search software that companies use to pick up all the extra adjectives we were told to use when spent hours rewording that one piece of paper that is supposed to define us. This is normal to all of us, but normal is broken.

My goal for this blog is to identify this chasm and to shine some light on my generation’s perspective. To identify what motivates us to become successful. My belief is that the motivating factors behind my generation and what drives us to do our best work will be eye opening. 

So this is my opportunity to embark on a journey, to start. I hope you will read, follow, connect, and interact.



"We reward those who draw maps, not those who follow them"